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A survey we conducted in 2019 by the title “Production Logistics in Medium-sized Companies” tells us an interesting story: not even one in five manufacturing companies achieves a degree of automation of more than 75 percent in their material flow.

Manufacturing companies are aware that automation would improve the accuracy and safety of their operations, therefore they are looking for robust, simple yet digitally-ready solutions to automate their material flow. 

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With the results of this survey in mind, Interroll is working on a new solution to better organize and automate the “last mile” in manufacturing areas.

This will create an interface to better connect the different phases of the material flow, that is, the movement, organization, input and output of pallets, not only in proximity of manufacturing machines but, in some cases, also between different production cells within the same manufacturing process.

We call it Smart Pallet Mover, or SPM

The Smart Pallet Mover is a simple yet ingenious solution designed for the low-throughput movement of pallets up to 1,000 KG in close proximity to manufacturing machines.

Some of the most common applications are:

- Pallet handling / organization / input / output by production cells or assembly lines.

- Pallet handling by fully automated production machines, i.e. CNC machines, laser cutting machines, press brakes etc.

- Pallet handling in manual or robotized picking applications.

- Pallet handling in robotized palletizing operations.

The SPM consists of the following elements:

Smart Pallet Mover

A battery-operated motorized unit, mounted on tracks underneath the conveyor rollers (but above ground).

SPM Transfer

Moves pallets between parallel conveyors.

Conveyor Modules

Simple, modular, non-driven conveyor modules.

Online Configuration

An easy-to-use Online Configuration Tool allows to program the system and interface with manufacturing machines. Concentrate on your application flow while the software handles the rest.

- Bring in your workflow and get flow performance response from the tool.

- Get an immediate budget estimate for quick decision making.


SPM is a smart system, in that it is easy to set up from idea to operation and keeps the focus on the material flow. Also, it can interface intelligently with other machines and equipment, becoming effectively a key component of an Industry 4.0 facility.












SPM is PLd certified and meets the safety requirements of ISO 13849; this means it increases worker’s safety dramatically as it allows to physically separate the work space between man and machine. Additionally, SPM is fully enclosed in the conveyor frame, which makes it even safer.










The SPM solution improves productivity greatly, as it improves the overall material flow and avoids bottlenecks in production.


















The SPM solution is very easy and quick to install and commission: this makes it a very agile system that keeps downtime to a minimum.
















SPM is also very flexible and can be configured in many different ways for different applications in no time thanks to the easy configuration tool.

















You can add modules and reconfigure your system to accommodate the changed requirements of your business very easily.












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